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Experience the Extraordinary!
Craig and audience members on stage

Craig Karges’ performance is a touch of magic in an age dominated by technology. He combines the art of magic with the science of psychology and the power of intuition to create extraordinary events, live, on stage. Karges dazzles the eye and captivates the mind during his spellbinding performance as tables float, minds are read and metal bends. When the curtain falls, you are not certain whether you have been under the spell of a wonderful illusion or you have witnessed an extraordinary reality.

“Performance Magazine,” the international touring talent weekly, named Craig Karges’ touring show one of the top five variety/family shows in North America. Karges was in good company as the list also included the likes of illusionist David Copperfield and Walt Disney’s World on Ice. Performance Magazine called the extraordinist’s performance, “The next era in mystery entertainment.”

Craig Karges’ performances have become a global phenomenon. Not only does he tour throughout North America but he travels the world from Asia and Africa to Europe appearing in theatres, performing arts centers, casino showrooms, universities and for major corporate events.

You’ve seen Craig Karges on The Tonight Show as well as CNN, Fox News Channel, E! Entertainment Television, CNBC, UPN, Lifetime, Wisdom Television and even SoapNET! The extraordinist has also starred in two, one-hour television specials and is the author of Ignite Your Intuition, The Wizard’s Legacy and Extraordinary Tales.

In the uncanny world of Craig Karges there is no smoke and there are no mirrors, just an engaging personality and a powerful presentation that will leave you with the sense of having experienced something truly extraordinary! Craig Karges and Experience the Extraordinary! - an incredible one-man show unlike anything you’ve ever seen. To describe it is impossible ... to see it is unforgettable!

“Your presentation was excellent, marvelous, astounding, humorous and extremely entertaining. I took the chance to bring something really unique to Chautauqua that evening and you certainly gave us an amazing show. Thank you for sharing your remarkable abilities with us and for bending our minds and confounding our logic.”
Marty Merkley, VP and Director of Programming, Chautauqua Institution (NY)

Craig Karges Extraordinist Video

“On behalf of the Garrett Lakes Arts Festival Board of Directors, staff and hundreds of ‘GLAF’ patrons who attended your performance here I want to thank you for a wonderful show! Coming from over a decade of experience as the Vice President of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra where in that capacity I was responsible for booking all the events at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, I can say with authority that in today’s market it is difficult to sell-out performances and virtually impossible to have only positive feedback result from them. Well, with your performance here, it was my delight to ‘experience the extraordinary!’ Your performance was a sell-out and we have received nothing but positive comments about your show. A lot of ‘how did he do that?’ and ‘that was incredible’ comments have come our way and the demand is ‘bring him back!’ We will listen to our patrons and have you back on our series very soon. And thank you again, Craig, for the truly enjoyable, entertaining, lively and overall extraordinary experience.”
Lucinda Williams, Executive Director, Garrett Lakes Arts Festival (MD)

“Typically, our Series audience is not inclined to rave. Your performance here, however, moved them to repeated raves. You not only captured the minds of our audience, but their hearts as well. Your style, presence and delivery were exquisite. Thank you for an entertaining and exciting performance filled with energy and mystery.”
Rick Jones, Executive Director, Fitton Center for the Creative Arts (OH)

“I admit to being somewhat troubled after Craig Karges’ show. It wasn’t the show itself. It was flawless. Every trick, illusion, phenomenon - however the more than a dozen acts were viewed by those in attendance - was done with class, humor and impeccable showmanship. What bothered me was the ‘extraordinist’s’ uncanny ability to see objects without looking, move furniture without touching and read minds - including mine. Karges wasn’t scary. His show wasn’t based on the gloomy macabre. Rather, his was a positive demonstration of the power of the mind.”
Bruce Symes, Wire Editor, Iola Register (KS)

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