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What Craig’s clients are saying...

“A standing ovation is the highest praise that can be bestowed upon an entertainer and that is exactly what Craig received at the conclusion of his time with our group. It should be clearly stated that this recognition was given by a highly skeptical audience of financial advisors. A week later and staff members are still talking about their amazement at Craig’s abilities. Without doubt, Craig was the best, most compelling performer we have ever booked for our event. In addition, he is one of the most professional entertainers we have ever worked with. Craig took the time out of his busy schedule to get to know our team prior to the event. Certainly, that extra effort on his part paid huge dividends in providing a customized message for our audience and in relating so well with staff before, during and after the show. I cannot recommend Craig highly enough. Standing ovations are rare. But, I’m guessing Craig gets one every time he performs.”
Ramsey Jones, President, First Citizens Investor Services, Inc.

“Craig will deliver an amazing show that will excite your group and leave them talking about the performance for days. He boggles your mind and challenges your senses. If you are looking for a show that has great audience participation and a definite ‘WOW’ factor, Craig Karges’ ‘Experience the Extraordinary’ is what you are looking for. He easily captivates his audience and leaves them wanting more. Craig’s inspiring show is something you need to see to believe. My recommendation is to book him for an event as soon as possible! It will be the easiest and one of the best decisions you have ever made.!”
Leslie Brown, Regional Marketing Manager, Atmos Energy

“The conundrum is the same every year: how to entertain, energize and engage 3,000 employees amid a sea of executive speeches and Powerpoint presentations. So, I remembered a guy Paychex hired years ago. His was a unique act, bright and unexpected and our audience loved him! I remembered the one-of-a-kind talent, and the likable showman that really delighted our crowd. From the first reintroduction and phone call we knew we had our man. He listened intently when we described our event. We inquired if he would consider tailoring his performance. His enthusiasm crackled through the phone. Craig customized his show with clever script; he charmed and cajoled the attendees with spontaneous banter; even the hardest-nose cell phone and text addicts in the audience were fixed on him with dropped jaws! It appears to come easily, but after working with him pre-contract, through rehearsals and during the entire show, I think I have his number; he listens, he collaborates, he observes, probes for what matters to you, and focuses on that! In a business where entertainers are a mixed bag of copy-cat, out-priced, often oversold crap shoots Mr. Karges gives you a reason to believe again – in top talent, integrity in business dealings and well, in the extraordinary!”
Joni McManus, Creative Services Manager, Paychex

“One thing I’ve learned over the past 9 years while planning meetings is that picking the right speakers and entertainers is critical to the success of the conference. Everything else can be on point, but if the speaker and entertainment is a miss it will reflect negatively on the overall conference feedback. Having said that, I could not have been more pleased with your performance at the four AT&T Southeast conferences. As you will recall from our initial telephone interview, the conference objectives were to reward, inspire and re-energize this group of dedicated individuals. For the evening entertainment, I was searching for someone exceptional who would amaze, motivate the imagination and demonstrate the possibilities when we tap into the power of the human mind. I thought you would be the perfect fit. Four performances and more than 1400 people later, you did everything your write-up promised and more! You thoroughly entertained the audience, challenged their minds and left them talking. I could not be more satisfied with the end results! Craig, you gave us exactly what we needed and more. It was a pleasure to sit in the audience and watch them experience your presentation. Thank you for what many wrote were the best conferences we have EVER had!!”
Beverly W. Washington, Manager, AT&T Southeast Region

“Thank you for your third OUTSTANDING performance for Bayer. Again you wowed my crowd, engaging their minds for the evening closing. Each time you presented with a dynamic style whether it’s 150 people or 750 people you have exceeded Bayer’s goals. We appreciated the customized element of your presentations when you close with our corporate message. Although I have had the privilege of seeing you 3 times - I am always awestruck. Thank you for making Bayer look good.”
Cathy Ewing, CMP, Executive Manager, Corporate Meetings & Events, Bayer CropScience

“You were the ideal choice to help us kick off our week of educational sessions and networking. Your show was truly extraordinary, and SCC clients and staff who attended the opening session are still talking about it and will be talking about this event for years to come! Your show was entertaining and educational, and you captivated the audience. You had attendees shaking their heads wondering how you did it and if they could believe their eyes. The techniques you shared on improving memory and enhancing awareness of one's intuition were fascinating and made us want to learn more. You helped open us to the powers within and ways to achieve our latent abilities by awakening our potential. You helped launch us on a fantastic voyage into the extraordinary power of the mind.”
Donald B. Keller, Vice President, Global Education, SCC Soft Computer

“Recently I was asked to plan a 100 person dinner in Las Vegas with a motivational speaker that would wow our guests and make a great impression. I knew right away that Craig was exactly what we were looking for. Not only was his performance at the event amazing, but his warm and charismatic personality fit right in with our group. I loved the way he incorporated what he does in his performance into our business. While everyone was visibly inspired and awestruck by what they were 'seeing' on stage, you could also tell they were ‘listening’ to what he was saying and how his ideas could impact them professionally. I would absolutely recommend Craig Karges to anyone looking for a speaker that will captivate their audience, and provide an entertaining and thought provoking show that will have people walking away thinking and talking about it days later. I am thankful that Craig agreed to participate in our event, because of him my event was a success and I am still receiving accolades for my skills and choices as a meeting planner.”
Jaycia Smith, Sales Administrator, The Wella Corporation - the Salon Professional Division of Procter & Gamble

“In my 33 years, having put on seminars, been to seminars, and been a part of seminars, I do not believe I have ever had the reaction days and even a week and a half later from people on the phone that I have had from those that were with you the other night. Team members from other offices, doctors, my son, my wife, and my team as well have all said the same thing, ‘What an entertaining night!’ What a sparkling performance, from a man who does, in fact, amaze and entertain his audience. Trying to grasp what it is you do is not easy. You are truly a man of many talents. What I like about you most is that you are genuine, Craig, which for a performer as famous as you is quite special. You are sincere, kind, and really do care about those around you. You really do care about your audience. I do not normally go out of my way to talk someone up the way that I would be willing to go out of my way for you, Craig. Please send this letter on to any one of the directors of the Seattle Study Club. They would be crazy not to have you added to their clubs next year. You talk about uniting our teams; you talk about empowering people; you talk about helping us improve our memories; you talk about motivating us to enhance our creativity and intuition and decision-making. You did all of those things and then some. In this day and age, you really did make a difference that night. It was a truly special evening. You get two thumbs up from me, my friend. It is a true honor to know you and hope we can meet again.”
Dr. Lindsay B. Eastman, Manatee Study Club

“Craig Karges is nothing short of amazing. From the beginning to the end of his presentation, Craig managed to captivate the audience and enlist their active engagement - no small feat in the morning after a night on the town in Las Vegas. To say that you will experience the extraordinary is an understatement. My guests walked away wondering how he was able to seemingly do the impossible. I walked away with the message that nothing is impossible. I unequivocally recommend Craig to anyone seeking to be entertained, amazed and inspired!”
Michael Persiano, Chief Marketing Officer, iPipeline

“As our keynote speaker you set a tremendously positive tone for the rest of our conference. To say you were well received would be an understatement. To say you blew them away would be more accurate. I have received much positive feedback and I am beginning to realize that the bar has been set so high now we may not be able to reach it at future conferences. I think many attended your presentation thinking they were going to be entertained. Entertained they were but it was entertainment with a message delivered in a fascinating way. You brought our group together and reached out to individuals that would normally not become involved. Your easy welcoming style drew everyone in and set the stage for a conference with endless possibilities. By tailoring your remarks to the specifics of the solid waste industry and the issues that attendees confront every day you personalized the experience for everyone in attendance. Choosing you as our keynote speaker was maybe the best decision we made in planning our conference.”
Carol Ann Throckmorton, Co-Chair & Chief Recycling Market Development & Planning, West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board

“What a spell-binding performance you made at our annual conference! Your presentation actively engaged our members and more than lived up to our high expectations. While we anticipated some connection between your theme of opening one’s mind to all that’s possible and ours of ‘be at the top of your game,’ you did a masterful job of ensuring that our audience also made the linkage. Our spontaneous standing ovation when you ended the program said it all - truly an extraordinary demonstration that captured and held everyone’s full attention and stretched their minds.”
Chris Bates, President, Office Furniture Dealers Alliance

“I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding performance at our Star Building Systems National Sales Meeting in Palm Springs. It was by far the most fun we have had at any meeting that I can remember. People are still talking about it. Your presentation was just what we wanted. With 500+ important guests in attendance, we needed a true professional to entertain. Since I was in charge of the entertainment, my reputation was in your hands. I needed something to say to my attendees that she certainly knows how to step up to the plate and put on a meeting worth attending year after year. You certainly rose to the occasion... you certainly contributed to my success and it was obvious you were a consummate professional. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any organization looking for a great person to entertain their audience.”
Anna L. Shelton, Manager, Meetings & Special Events, Star Building Systems

“First, just let me say thank you for your wonderful performances in Phoenix over the past few weeks. Our attendees were talking for days about various elements of the show. Your delivery, demeanor, and content were all very engaging. Your ability to interact with the audience brought the special touch that I was looking for. I received many compliments that this had been the best entertainment we’ve provided - and this event has been in place for more than 15 years. A number of people even mentioned that the method by which you closed uniquely brought together the theme of the event, our current business challenges, and your material. This could only have been accomplished through the research time you spent reviewing our needs.”
Jonathan Dawley, Manager, Aftermarket Business Development, NACCO Materials Handling Group

“Wow! Thanks so much for the unbelievable job you did in entertaining the attendees of our 27th annual conference. You are an extraordinary entertainer, that is for certain, but our members also benefited from your inspirational message that tied the magic to real life and that was above and beyond the call of duty! Please feel free to call on me as a reference for any groups who are considering using you for a future event. I know that they, like us, will be amazed, entertained and inspired.”
James Booth, Executive Director, Professional Records & Information Services Management (PRISM) International

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for your amazing presentation at our annual franchisee reunion in Scottsdale last week. Wow! Having you kick off the week really set the tone for the entire program. It made a huge impact on each and every person there. I was impressed with your ability to blend humor, extraordinary events and basic human science into a compelling and very motivating presentation. It is tough to keep the attention of 200+ folks, let alone teach them something or have them come away with a message and you succeeded famously. To stand in the back of the room and hear the gasps, and exclamations of amazement was very exciting for me. We have hired countless keynote speakers over the last 30 years and it was unanimous that you were by far one of the best.”
Kendra Sartor, VP of Brand Development, The Melting Pot

“He was a hit with all in attendance. His performance was truly phenomenal! He not only wowed the audience, but provided humor with an effective reinforcement of the association message to the audience. Craig Karges is a unique entertainer who positively engages his audience, provides a message that the impossible is possible, and totally amazes everyone with his feats. As an entertainer he is easy to work with, responsive to change, and always upbeat in his approach. We could not have had a better working relationship. It is without hesitation that I would recommend him to any type audience - he will thoroughly enthrall all present.”
Frank K. Hurd, VP and Chief Operating Officer, Carpet & Rug Institute

“Craig Karges was the perfect entertainer to introduce our ‘Greater Powers’ software launch to our customers. The thrust of our message was that our engineering software helped people tap into their intuitive powers - and there is no better way to demonstrate the power of intuition than by witnessing Craig’s amazing performance. What I particularly liked about working with Craig is that he took the time to learn and understand what we were trying to accomplish with our stage show, then adapted his performance to our needs. Craig left the crowd feeling amazed, empowered and ready to hear our message. I would highly recommend Craig as a keynote performer at any corporate meeting.”
Peter Tiernan, Director of Creative Services, UGS PLM Software

“Where did you find this guy? He was terrific! That was incredible! I was spellbound the whole time! Those are just a few of the many comments I received from the crowd after Craig Karges’ show. Craig is a gifted entertainer that enthralled our company’s Eastern Division Sales meeting audience. He entertained our audience with wonderful feats of illusion that thoroughly engaged our audience from the minute his performance began. In addition, Craig was able to reinforce the key theme of our conference in a very entertaining way, and hopefully expanded our horizons of what is possible. Craig is high on our list to perform at future events. He should be on yours as well.”
Marc Watts, Director of Marketing Business Development, Bunzl Distribution

“Amazing! Thank you for creating such wonderful energy and excitement with our conference! We are full of wonder and awe! What a super way to kick off our conference and our year!”
Theresa Moberg, VP Organizational Effectiveness, Tastefully Simple

“The presentation you gave us last week still has folks talking... the presentation was exceptional and you left our minds spinning. Comments coming back from our annual conference attendees’ questionnaire such as the best ever and we need to bring him back has made our conference another success with much to remember. Thank you for your energetic and professional presentation.”
Jack J. Amar, P.E., Senior Vice President, S&ME

“It was both a pleasure and an honor to have you join us at our National Sales Conference. Every year we try to ratchet up the experience for our employees and this year was no exception. You can imagine the difficulty with such a diverse group of people, to bring them something new and different, while keeping their interest. Your presentation hit the mark. I have never seen our entire group speechless at the same time, but you managed to accomplish that. Your awareness to the pulse of the group was not only perfect, it was amazing. From the first moment on stage to the final thought, you were able to captivate each and every one in attendance. I continue to get e-mail and comments from our group to say that this was the best conference we have held to date. They left the meeting energized and ready for business.”
Michael Bonacci, Director of Marketing, Hahn Automotive Warehouse, Inc.

“Wow! And double wow!! Your extraordinary performance at our Sales Conference really opened our imaginations in some astonishing ways. Your ability to fully engage an audience of over 200 sales reps was amazing to witness. With a full dose of the Karges mojo, even the skeptics had a hard time doubting your abilities. I believe CareFirst now holds the record for most goose bumps in a lecture hall. Your poignant message about self-empowerment and realizing our own potential was a fitting end to the conference. Thank you for a program that far exceeded our expectations!”
Wanda Oneferu-Bay, Donna Tomlinson, Rebecca Jones, Kathy Newson and Freda Armstrong, The Sales Conference Committee, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

“What an incredible presentation you did for our MICROS Users Conference! I walked around the tables during breakfast the next morning and you were the topic of every conversation. They just wanted to enjoy the wonder of it all. I was also extremely impressed with how you worked the topic of our users conference into your presentation. You really related to the crowd and they loved it. You definitely made me look like a star!! I’ll certainly be in touch for future events.”
Louise Casamento, Vice President of Marketing, MICROS Systems, Inc.

“This was a very important meeting, consisting of our top-level executives from all around the globe. It is often difficult to find the right entertainment that meets all of our criteria for this meeting.

1) Pleases a mix of conservatives AND liberals by neither offending nor boring them.
2) Appeals to the various ages (30-60+) - both male and female.
3) Allows people to unwind from long meetings.

We‘ve had acts that people walked out on or fell asleep during. You had everyone’s attention the entire time and EVERYONE told me how much they enjoyed your show! Furthermore, as you are aware, because our President saw you at another meeting’s dinner, and you were only available on night number two of our meeting, we moved around the ENTIRE meeting to be sure to get you there! We are looking forward to our re-booking of you to entertain our Annual Meeting guests in March. Thanks so much for making my job easier and pleasing the crowd so perfectly!”
Victoria Johnson, Meetings and Special Events Manager, Underwriters Laboratories

“Thank you for the outstanding job you did for us at our Annual Meeting. That was the third time I have seen your show and I was as amazed, pleased and awed as ever. The entire audience enjoyed your show from start to finish and we all went home shaking our heads in disbelief. I am a curious person who loves to know how things work, but I can only conclude that what you do is real magic and that you are a modern day wizard. Your show is absolutely ideal for a corporate audience. Bravo on being such a fabulous performer!”
Loring W. Knoblauch, President & CEO, Underwriters Laboratories

“What seems to stand out most is your natural optimism, sincere interest in the group you would be presenting to, and absolute professionalism. From our first planning phone conversation, it was clear you wanted our event to be a success. Craig, I also can‘t leave out our thanks for an incredible performance. Our guests were mesmerized, astounded and enjoyed your show immensely. I just wish I knew how to have our entertainment in future years measure up!”
Leslie Miller, Member Relations Manager, National Fluid Power Association

“We recently had Craig Karges perform at a business seminar where most of the attendees were top-level executives who get to attend many such functions. When it comes to seeing speakers, business gurus and entertainers our audience has ‘been there done that!’ At least that was the case until they saw Craig Karges. To put it simply, Craig astounded, delighted and entertained our group with his unique performance. I would highly recommend Craig Karges to the event planner that is looking to find someone who is truly different... Craig engages the audience and enthralls them. The real magic involved is how good you will look for bringing Craig to your group.”
Frank Daley, Vice President, AmeriQuest

“Our attendees were overwhelmed by your performance. In fact, many people listed your presentation as ‘the best’ aspect of the meeting. You left an everlasting impression on our group. Your presentation was a refreshing change of pace and will be hard to top next year!”
Stephanie M. O‘Malley, Meeting Planner, Ferguson Enterprises

“On a scale of 1 - 10 Craig was consistently rated a ten with comments such as: ‘Great... Super... Amazing... Wonderful... Fantastic... Awesome... Bravo... Excellent presenter, couldn‘t be better.’”
Betty Green-Heffern, Manager National Marketing, CoBank

“The trouble with having high expectations is the likelihood of being under-whelmed. Happily, I found myself thoroughly overwhelmed by the reaction of our guests to your amazing program. They, and I, were quite literally stunned by your demonstrations and captivated by your stage presence. What a treat it was to have my high expectations exceeded in every way.”
Robert Smith, Marketing Communications Manager, Balboa Life & Casualty

“Thanks so much for your fabulous presentation. As you know, we promise our attendees ‘The Best Seminar Ever,’ and because of you this was our best one yet!! Your show was without a doubt one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen!! In a field of top notch presenters that weekend (Erin Brockovich, Deborah Norville, Hyrum Smith, and many luminaries from our field) yours was the presentation that had everyone talking! Plus, your personalization made our attendees feel like you were doing it just for them. It is great as executive producer of the event to have a speaker that makes me look like a genius - and that’s exactly what you did!! On our rating sheet you consistently scored not just 5 (our highest rating) but 5+!!”
Dr. Richard Madow, The Madow Group

“Excellent show! By all accounts, the audience was astounded with your presentation and everyone had a wonderful time. I can truly say that out of all the closing banquets and speakers that we have had in the past, you were the best - thank you again for closing out our best conference ever with the best closing event yet.”
Brian Lagana, Executive Director, Air & Expedited Motor Carriers Association

“Entertaining... highly interactive... engaging. The program was well received by our audience, ranging from the firm’s Chairman and other senior level partners and executives to 750 university interns. We were equally impressed with Craig’s professionalism during the planning stages of our conference. Craig was customer-focused during the entire process... he was very willing to work with our conference themes and took time to understand our objectives and key messages. Our conference team would highly recommend him to other organizations. Craig definitely left a lasting impression on the audience and his performance exceeded our expectations.”
Lisa P. Young, Partner, Americas Director of Recruiting, Ernst & Young LLP

“What a pleasure it was working with you! The evening was a huge success due greatly to your performance. Your style, charisma and performance were captivating and inspirational; you kept our employees on the edge of their seats during the entire routine. No one wanted to see the evening end. Thank you again, you made us look like stars!”
Leigh Burke, Secretary, Oki Management Club, Oki Data Americas, Inc.

“You were an absolute delight to work with and to watch. As for my group, well the survey cards continue to roll in and ALL of them found you amazing! You made my job easier this year because you are just incredibly fantastic, but you have made my job next year incredibly tough. How will I top your act????”
Michelle McCormac, CMP, Special Events Manager, Farm Credit Bank of Texas

“What a thought-provoking presentation you gave to our group. People are still talking about it. You amazed, dazzled and totally entertained. You were definitely the highlight of our conference! What a good maneuver it was on my part to recommend you to our conference committee. You certainly made me look good. If any future clients are looking for a reference, please send them my way. I will be happy to share with them one of my best engagement bookings in over fifteen years (and this includes many well-known celebrities). I certainly hope to bring you back to this group or to another one in the future. I know I can expect and will receive the highest quality speaker around.”
Mimi Harlan, Executive Director, International Society for Weighing & Measurement

“We all love those things that remain mysterious - especially when we can find ways to use them to our advantage even when we don‘t understand how they work. Thank you for making the hairs stand up on the necks and arms of an entire international group of attendees. Thank you for contributing such a positive message of optimism - to us in particular, and to the world in general. In an environment of considerable change with lots of anxiety, our people need to hear that they do indeed have what it takes both consciously and unconsciously to be successful. They now know that they have more working for them than they themselves had even imagined!”
Michelle Desreux, Senior Vice President, UNIGLOBE Travel

“Thanks for making our General Opening Session a complete success. You had our attendees in the palm of your hands. ‘Amazing,’ ‘Outstanding,’ ‘The Best General Opening Session Ever’ ... just a short list of superlatives from an audience who went on and on about your stellar, and amazing presentation. I knew that if you were booked for our conference you would make me look good, but I have to say you made me look GREAT!”
Lynn Fisher, CMP, Vice President and General Manager, Texas Apartment Association

“I don’t think that I have ever seen this audience give a speaker a standing ovation - you were quite a hit! Thanks again for a fantastic performance!”
Jennifer Paradela, meeting planner, Accenture

“You not only kept the audience riveted and amused, you gave them something fun and exciting to share when they returned home. The comments and feedback have been excellent. Thank you for a great job.”
Deborah More-Ramsey, Staff Manager, Special Events, Lucent Technologies

“What a terrific performance! When you gather subsidiary presidents, senior level managers and the Chairman of the Board in one room and keep them all completely entertained you’ve hit a home run. My job just got a little more challenging. I now have to find someone who can measure up to your standards!”
Patricia Holt, Manager, Public Relations Services, Walter Industries, Inc.

“Wow! Fantastic! Mind blowing! These are but a few comments heard following your program that kicked off our National Conference. We always begin our conference with a winner and you certainly are that. An even bigger benefit to us was your workshop presentations the following day that received great comments as well.”
Douglas Shaw, VP Planning, National Management Association

“Mesmerized! Spellbound! Captivated! These describe our top customers’ reactions to your presentation. Thank you for creating such a positive impact with our group. You could feel the energy in the room - it was electric!”
Nancy Larson, Mgr., Marketing Communications, Firestone Building Products

“You really fascinated our audience! I enjoyed looking around the room and watching the complete attention you commanded from them. Okay, okay, so it gives me a sense of pride that I CHOSE YOU and they were lovin’ it! When I asked the crowd it they wanted an encore their enthusiastic applause was buoyant!”
Nancy Takaichi, Meeting Planner, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

“What a show! Your presentation was tremendous! It was an energetic performance which left each of us saying WOW! I would be happy to speak with anyone who is looking for a highly charged speaker. Especially if they are looking for a speaker who delivers a great message in an outrageous presentation.”
Dan Fagan, Training Manager, Ames Tools

“Wow! What a performance. Not only were you entertaining, but you have sparked an interest in our members that I have never seen before.”
Rick Eisenman, Executive VP, Virginia Society of Association Executives

“People are still commenting and congratulating us on our choice to bring you in as a speaker! Attendees have commented that your presentation was a perfect blend of entertainment and education. You really added value to your presentation by incorporating our business goals into your discussion on intuition and risk taking. Should we have the opportunity in the future to bring someone in for an evening of entertainment or an afternoon workshop, your name will definitely top the list!”
Kerry Leet, Meeting Planner, Strong Funds

“Craig Karges gave us and our audience so much more than we had anticipated. He blew the delegates away with his unbelievable diversified performance. Not one negative response from over 350 high profile travel people who ‘have seen it all’. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending his performance to the world.”
Alan Crockford, Director, Travel Technology Conference & Trade Show, Baxter Publications

“Absolutely extraordinary! It was, by far, the most outstanding and enjoyable entertainment we have ever had. Anyone who has not seen you has missed the best!”
Sharon Thomas, Manager Corporate Events, SmithKline Beecham Consumer Brands

“At the close of your show, it was sheer bedlam-in-the-ballroom! I’ve never seen anyone more enthusiastically received or so wildly applauded. As the show’s producer, you made me look like a hero!”
Imo K. Todd, Executive VP, Professional Insurance Agents of Georgia

“My sincere thanks for closing our forum on such a high note. It was truly extraordinary! Your mix of Experience the Extraordinary and The Intuitive Edge provided a perfect balance of entertainment and inspiration for the group. You presented - we learned. You entertained - we were amazed. Rest assured that when I have the chance to recommend a speaker, your name will be right at the top of the list.”
Joel Dandrea, Executive Director, Driver Training & Development Alliance

“Please accept my appreciation for the MOST entertaining luncheon of any convention that I’ve put on for the GAB - and this was my 28th semi-annual meeting. You were terrific. Broadcasters are masters of show biz and you wowed them as I have never seen anyone do before! Thanks for making me look so good!”
William Sanders, Executive Director, Georgia Association of Broadcasters

“Why doesn’t it surprise me you received four standing ovations at only three meetings. Executives from our company attending the Nashville meeting are already looking forward to having you attend their meetings next year. Your professionalism before, during and after our meeting resulted in a wonderful close to our conference.”
Paul J. Sanders, Franchise Manager, Burger King Corporation

“You were a resounding success! We have a unique mix of attendees. Trying to find a general session presentation that will meet the needs and interests of these various groups is a challenge. Our challenge was met with your presentation - everyone was wowed. The words ‘excellent,’ ‘wonderful’, and ‘outstanding’ appeared all over the session evaluation forms. You were a pleasure to work with and made the conference planners look like stars for choosing you.”
Crissi McGlynn, Dir. Of Councils, Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc.

“Intriguing and powerful. You captivated our audience with your truly amazing performance. We couldn‘t have chosen a better speaker for our Closing General Session. The presentation was remarkable, your illusions left us stunned and the personalized attention you offered to our attendees during the session and after was extremely appreciated.”
Lisa N. Frase, Convention Coordinator, National Business Education Association

“WOW!...Fantastic!...Mindblowing! These are but a few comments heard following your program that kicked off our National Conference. We always begin our conference with a winner and you certainly are that. An even bigger benefit to us was your workshop presentations the following day that received great comments as well.”
Douglas Shaw, VP Planning, National Management Association

“Your presentation as our keynote speaker and subsequent Intuitive Edge management workshops has left me with a BIG PROBLEM! What do I do next year to top Craig Karges??? Adding the Intuitive Edge workshop to complement your presentation was well worth it. While I got many compliments on your keynote, I think attendees enjoyed the smaller group workshops even more. Everyone loved your sessions, and I did too since they set a very positive and exciting tone for the remainder of the conference.”
Robert “Sandy“ Parker, VP, EPL Customer Sales and Marketing

“Thanks for a great keynote presentation. You played to a packed house and delivered valuable and memorable messages. You took them to the next level of unlocking their inner, intuitive power to better serve their customers, build their businesses and improve their personal lives. The way you kept the audience involved and on the edge of their seats are true testimonials to your ability.”
Ernie Stewart, Executive Director, Monument Builders of North America

“We want to thank you for being a part of our convention and for providing a though provoking and engaging keynote session. Our attendees were mystified and amazed at your presentation and found it to be one of the highlights of our convention. We wish you all the best as you dazzle audiences from coast to coast and would highly recommend your program to any planner if he or she is looking for something extraordinary and outside the box.”
Brenda Orffer, Event Designer, Washington Health Care Association

“You received rave reviews on all evaluations. You were definitely our star of the conference. Thank you for making me look ‘so smart’ for booking you.”
Sharon Paxton, Executive Director, California Independent Grocers Association

“Your recent performance at our Annual Sales conference was outstanding! You are a joy to work with and watch. Our sales team has been raving about your performance since the event. We all marvel at the mindreading component of your show - it astounds! And most importantly, I really appreciate the underlying motivational message: your show reminds us of the potential of our own minds and is extraordinarily relevant for a sales team. It is rare to find someone who can entertain and deliver a powerful message at the same time - you do both well! Craig, you are a talented and special person. Thank you for the incredible work you do. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again soon.”
Lisa Deven, Event and Trade Manager,

“Your delivery was truly one of the best, and your presentation was one of the most entertaining we’ve experienced at our Closing Breakfast in a long time. This breakfast is one of the last sessions on our conference agenda after a long, stressful week. For this reason, it is important that our breakfast keynoter provide our attendees motivation to depart the conference with an uplifting feeling, and you truly accomplished this goal. Many are tired and anxious to get home, but the audience interaction in your presentation kept everyone on the edge of their seats for the entire breakfast wondering what was coming next. Attendees seem to be in awe and suspense during your entire presentation. But, most impressive was the way you were able to incorporate corrections arena issues into your presentation. Many of our colleagues commented that they enjoyed the way you brought it all home to them at the end by combining your presentation with corrections.”
James A. Gondles, Jr., Executive Director, American Correctional Association

“Typically, many of our members ‘sneak out’ early because of other commitments. You held them spellbound for the entire presentation. We appreciate your ability to engage the audience - not simply perform for them. You took the time to understand some of our association’s current issues and presented a message that addressed them. Your blend of skills and charisma make your message meaningful. One person said, I usually can’t wait to get out of those things, but with Craig, I wanted him to keep going. Other comments - best we have had’, well worth the money, very entertaining and then all the no way he did that and the basic wow. You were a home run for our meeting. You get a 10 from me. Thanks for making me look good.”
Kerwin Brown, President & CEO, BEMA, The Baking Industry Suppliers Association

“I wanted to thank you for the great entertainment you provided to our Paychex team. Your presentation was everything we hoped for to wrap up our conference. Your high energy and humor combined with the unexplainable acts of illusion kept the audience totally amazed and focused! That adds a real sense of fun and wonder and keeps the folks energized well into the next day!”
Martin Mucci, Senior Vice President Operations, Paychex

“Craig’s performance at the Gold Canyon Convention is one that will not ever be forgotten. Days after the performance our attendees, guests and coworkers were still raving about his performance. I really appreciated that his performance had a powerful message that he blended so well with our convention theme. Everyone was truly inspired!”
Scott Brown, Communications Director, Gold Canyon

“WOW! This guy is amazing! What a special talent this man has! I was blown away by the after dinner speaker this year! He is the best entertainment we have ever had! Where did you find this man? These are just a few of the comments we received from our members. Out of a possible top score of 5 you scored 10 in everyone’s book! On behalf of our President and our membership I want to thank you for giving us the perfect blend of magic, mystery, comedy and pure clean fun. I had a phone call yesterday and the topic one month after your performance is still how did he do that?
On a more personal note, I have worked with many speakers in my 22 year Association management career, but few have I found to be as pleasant, professional and personable as Craig Karges. I left the Annual Meeting knowing that the final show had achieved what all meeting planners dream about - a send off performance that would be a hard act to follow next year.”
Jeff G. Doran, Executive Vice President, Florida Forestry Association

“We recently included Craig’s performance as part of a client appreciation function we held and Craig was the highlight of the event. The feedback we’ve received has been phenomenal. Even two weeks after the function, we are still receiving calls from those in attendance. It is that kind of staying power which makes his performance desirable for events of all types. Craig’s ability to tailor the focus of his performance to a specific group is excellent. It was with great finesse that he was able to both entertain and challenge our audience.”
Neil R. Cooper, Senior Vice President Investments & Douglas L. Meyer, Senior Vice President Investments, Cooper Meyer Wealth Management

“I must say Craig did a fantastic job and everyone was either dumbfounded, speechless or even a bit frightened but not one was let down by his performance. In fact, we had a group that wanted to hire him for a special project which obviously had something to do with making a miracle happen!”
Michelle Word, meeting planner, Wood Group ESP

“Thank you so much Craig - up until the last minute I left the office on Wednesday, you were still all anyone was talking about and I imagine they will continue to do so for quite some time. You were a hit!”
Hassan Rawas, Office of Saeed Dashti, Chairman of the KGL Group of Companies

“It was fantastic to work with you in Phoenix. You were a superb keynote for our Sports Turf Managers Association Conference in January. We truly appreciate your passion and commitment to connecting with our audience. It was amazing to experience your insight, people are still raving about it.”
Andrea Rollin, Show Producer, Sports Turf Managers Association

“Your presentation at our recent North American Sales Meeting in Orlando, Florida was outstanding. You truly set the stage and momentum for an event all attendees will remember. Along with our theme of ‘Ingredients to be Extraordinary’ your motivating, thought provoking and intellectually stimulating talk and audience participation demonstration caused the entire group to view our products, company and market opportunity in a new perspective. Your approach and message would benefit any company and any industry and I would highly recommend you to any organization whose mission is the achievement of excellence.”
Kevin R. Wood, Vice President of Sales, Camfil Farr

“What a delight it was to have you for our closing entertainment during our annual convention. Our attendees thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, and you helped make our conference spectacular. Your performance was truly amazing and mind-boggling.”
Linda S. Loving, CIC, Deputy Executive Director, Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia

“Thank you for the truly amazing entertainment. We received many compliments from our customers on your show. Many people used words like: unbelievable, incredible and astonishing. Your ability to connect with your audience (our customers) was a key part of your success. Linking your performance to what you understood about our company, business and events of that evening took your performance from good to great. As you are aware this is an annual senior executive event and it was deemed as the best awards banquet ever!”
Stephen Passalacqua, Vice President, Field Marketing, McKesson Provider Technologies

“Awesome presentation!! Really enjoyed being dazzled and challenged - you have a great talent for being thought provoking and educational, while challenging one to use more of your brain! Loved it!”
Donna Tucker, Executive Director, Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce

“We have experienced countless entertainers and Craig, by far, delivered the most extraordinary performance of them all. We were all left believing that ‘ordinary people are capable of extraordinary results.’ The buzz has not stopped. He will revive your child-like belief that anything is possible. He challenges what you believe you are capable of and gives you a powerful appreciation for the human mind. Clayton Homes recommends Craig Karges without reservation. He is truly extraordinary!”
Jennifer Bradley, Retail Marketing Manager, Clayton Homes

“Safeguard Properties certainly made the correct choice by selecting you to provide the evening entertainment for our Property Preservation Conference at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC... I know our guests thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your performance, as did I. You have a great act and your presentation is so much fun. At the start of your performance, you captured the audience’s attention and held on to it until the end. Now that is true talent! You have a very special gift.
Karen Williams Tester, Executive Assistant, Marketing Event Coordinator, Safeguard Properties

“On behalf of the entire CSP team, thanks for joining us for the Convenience Retailing Conference! Both your Awards presentation and keynote were sensational, and a terrific contribution to the success of the event. As you know, the audience loved you; we’re still amazed! Looking forward to next time.”
Carol Walden, Senior Meeting Planner, CSP Information Group

“In a word you absolutely amazed everyone! Certainly no one expected what they saw, or think they saw, in your performance. Everyone was buzzing after your presentation and they are still talking about it. We know that the idea of having you, Craig Karges, Extraordinist, entertain us at our closing dinner was great! Our people were truly fascinated! Thanks so much for a terrific performance and for ending our annual meeting on an exhilarating high note.”
Sharon Stepien, General Manager National Operations, American Office Products Distributors, Inc.

“Great job! You hit every goal... entertainment... wonderment... interaction... involvement... message... and thanks to our sponsor. You are a pro!”
Bill Giroux, Executive Vice President, Truckload Carriers Association

“I want to thank you for joining us at our event in Tucson and providing such wonderful and captivating entertainment! Guests stated that you were entertaining, intriguing, mind-boggling, and that you provided a high energy show with a lot of crowd interaction. I appreciate that you provided such a high level of skill, enthusiasm and professionalism for Melaluca’s Standing Executive Leadership Council.”
Andrea McCowell, Manager of Events and Field Operations, Melaleuca

“Your performance was absolute perfection!”
Patrick Combs, co-founder and Chief Transformational Officer, LifePath Unlimited

“You were awesome!!”
Peter Kinney, PGA Sales Development Manager, Bridgestone Golf

“Awesome job!  We were all thrilled with your performance. Thanks again for closing our conference on such a high note. You can’t ask for more than a standing ‘O’. It was a blast meeting you and a pleasure working with you. You are a gentleman and a real pro!”
Ken Lehrhoff, President, Lehrhoff Productions, and Kevin Cummiskey, President, Cummiskey & Company, co-producers, PTC/USER World Event

“On behalf of the entire Woodcraft organization I want to thank you for the amazing performance at our National Sales Meeting. Without any doubt you captured the attention of our attendees from beginning to end and it was the ‘buzz’ throughout the entire four days of our event. This was our 12th annual event and your performance was one of the best ever.”
Gary J. Lombard, VP, Retail/Franchise Development, Woodcraft

“Thank you for your closing presentation during our annual convention. You kept the audience spellbound and sent them away feeling great about our meeting. You could not have done a better job. You were, quite simply, outstanding! I would wholeheartedly recommend you to any organization.  You are a true professional.”
Rhonda Van De Wal, Program Development, Independent Bankers Association of New York State

“Your performance at the EWHV annual meeting was exceptional. Within minutes of your program, you had engaged audience participation. Your sense of humor, showmanship, elegant style, modest manner of execution and engaged manner with each audience member on stage as well as in the audience was consistent and powerful. The enthusiastic standing ovations at the end of the performance spoke for themselves.”
Anne B. DeMaret, Investor Relations, Essex Woodlands Health Ventures

“Thank you for the superb job you did speaking to the NASA Reuseable Solid Rocket Booster Project at our meeting.  Your presentation was awesome. The audience was completely enchanted. Your talents, combined with your professionalism completely captivated a room full of NASA and Contractor engineers and business types for several hours.”
Kathy Carleton, Manager, United Space Alliance, Systems Integration and Project Engineering

“As you know, we pride ourselves on planning great meetings and having the right speaker to kick off the event is so critical to setting the tone for the rest of the meeting. Finding a speaker that is entertaining and also delivers a powerful message is not easy. However, your performance achieved exactly that – you amazed the audience and challenged their minds. We have received great feedback on your session including the following comments from attendees: “Kickoff speaker was a conference highlight.” “How do you always manage to find such unique and inspiring speakers?” “Craig Karges truly knew his audience and captured our full attention.” As an organization that plans several meetings throughout the year and has worked with countless speakers, I can honestly say that none were as easy to work with as you were. Your willingness to cooperate with us and to even customize your opening to be fully integrated with our meeting, really showed your commitment to ensuring our conference kick off would be a raving success.”
Stuart Silverman, CEO, Fusion Advisor Network

“You were a hit, as usual! You did it again... another outstanding and unforgettable performance that amazed the top AT&T performers. It was great seeing you again and I enjoyed every moment of the show as well as the standing O you received. The audience was blown away and the subsequent buzz has not yet ceased. I desired entertainment, motivation and a business message. You went beyond the call and exceeded everyone’s expectations. I can’t thank you enough because you truly made me look like a hero. You are, hands down, one of the best I’ve had the pleasure to work with. You truly are awesome.”
Diane Quido, Senior Events Manager, AT&T Services, Inc.

“Your performance at our meeting was terrific. Our group included creative, high energy individuals from News & Marketing departments of our Cox Media Group from across the country and you kept the entire audience spellbound! I would recommend you for any professional gathering. You would again have the crowd buzzing all week!.”
Ray Carter, VP & General Manager, WPXI-TV, Cox Media Group News & Marketing Summit Committee Chair

“Thank you so much for a most intriguing show last month during our ISPA EXPO. The show was AMAZING! You had the audience on the edge of their seats. You were the perfect entertainer for our event. You are a joy to work with and we look forward to working with you again in the future!”
Debi Sutton, VP, Marketing and Member Services, International Sleep Products Association

“Many thanks for an outstanding performance at our Oregon/Washington Medical Group Management Association Meeting. It truly was an amazing, first-class show. It was all the attendees could talk about the next day! In fact, I’m sure they will be talking about it for years to come.”
Jan Larsen, Executive Director, Washington State Medical Group Management Association

“Wow, is all we can say! Craig Karges’ performance kept our conference attendees on the edge of their seats. The attendees, expecting the standard motivational talk or canned magic act, were absolutely bowled over with his first-class performance. Not only were they captivated by the magical and mind reading aspects of his show but charmed by his sense of humor and professionalism. The active use of the audience really gave the show a personal touch. We would not hesitate to recommend Craig Karges to any group or function of any size!”
Donald W. Emerson, Jr., President, Ohio Housing Authorities Conference

“Thanks for the spectacular show. It was a great ending to an exciting evening. Many attendees commented to me that you provided the best entertainment that we have ever experienced.”
Chuck Suritz, Director of Marketing & Education, National Sporting Goods Association

“Thank you AGAIN for yet another amazing performance! For more than 10 years, the participants at our conference have marveled at your engaging style and flawless execution. All those in attendance, from the interns to the most senior executives, had an ‘extraordinary’ time, and the feedback we received has been 100% positive. From a planning team standpoint, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to work with someone who not only entertains, but also reinforces the key messages of the firm and the conference. We’re looking forward to having you back for future events, and we would be happy to recommend you to any organization that is looking to take their conference or meeting to the next level; you’ve certainly done that for us.”
Dan Black, Director, Americas Recruiting, Ernst & Young LLP

“Your performance at our Midyear Clinical Meeting networking luncheon was amazing! The entire group was mesmerized and the buzz was exciting as everyone was completely blown away. Here are some actual comments from our post meeting attendee survey: ‘Amazing... Very impressive and entertaining. Excellent entertainment, a great way to end the conference. Loved it! Worth staying the extra day for. Craig was fun and made you think of the possibilities of the mind. Outstanding (and creepy)! There is little I can say except unbelievable! This guy knows how to improve a person’s creativity and in an entertaining way. Craig Karges was very interesting and had great charisma.’ I agree with the comment above-you have great and genuine charisma. It was such a pleasure working with you. I am a big fan and hope to see you again someday.”
JoAnn Harris, Director of Educational Programs, American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists

“Thank you so much for your amazing exhibition of intuition, magic and consciousness last week at the annual meeting of the Noah Worcester Dermatological Society. You absolutely ‘made’ the event. What I liked most, as did many of us, was that above and beyond the individual - what would you call them... tricks? - you did, you have a wonderfully playful stage presence that was in such good taste that if children were in attendance, nobody would have been uncomfortable - yet your humor and banter appealed to those of us left only with our inner children. And the way you ended the performance with the comments about each of us using our greatest mental potential was perfect. I would recommend you without hesitation to any group who wants to be amazed, entertained, and educated.”
Michael Greenberg, M.D., Secretary/Treasurer, Noah Worcester Dermatological Society

“I wanted to thank you for the outstanding performance at our Americas Sales Conference in Las Vegas. The audience response was extremely positive and all were dumbfounded by your extraordinary skills. To those who are considering Craig for your event, I highly recommend his services. You will be amazed, entertained and educated all in a single presentation. Craig is well worth the investment, and your team will speak about it for many months to come.”
David Sullivan, Vice President of Sales - Americas, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies

“Thank you for speaking at the Rockwell Collins Leadership Club meeting. It was a totally mind blowing experience that left the crowd in amazement. You energized us all as leaders to push frontiers and motivate our employees through the power of their minds to reach the unthinkable. Thank you for teaching us all to ‘think differently’ and to realize that in today’s world of technology that the most powerful instrument we can ever use is our mind!”
Sheila L. Tuomala, Manager, Subcontracts Procurement & Operations, President, Rockwell Collins Leadership Club

“Our guests were blown away by your amazing performance, as was I. The buzz continued into the next day. The ‘triple ring’ and ‘floating table’ segments were unbelievable!!! Thanks for helping make our dinner event a great night for the customers of American Greetings, Time Warner and Energizer. Rest assured, I’ll be recommending you to anyone that asks about great entertainment for customer relationship events.”
Jim Hegarty, Senior Director Sales, American Greetings

“Thank you for the superb performance at our Washington Trucking Associations Leadership Conference. Your show was a tremendous success; our attendees could not stop talking about your performance. Your show, without a doubt, was the most mind boggling performance our folks have ever had the opportunity to experience. Your talents are simply extraordinary!”
James R. Tutton, Jr., Vice President, Washington Trucking Associations

“It’s clear that you are deemed the ‘extraordinist’ because you are simply extraordinary! You successfully conveyed that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary results because we all possess extraordinary capabilities. Our management team is still talking about your uncanny presentation, which really did more than amaze and entertain, but effectively left everyone in attendance believing that anything is possible. We thank you for opening our minds to unlimited possibilities!" And for those of you considering hiring Craig, Looking for a keynote speaker to knock it out of the ballpark at your upcoming corporate event? We were too until we got lucky and found Craig Karges who hit a grand slam with our management team. Our meeting was held a month ago and our management team is still talking about his uncanny presentation. On behalf of Safeway, Inc., we wholeheartedly recommend Craig Karges for your upcoming event knowing he will leave you with an unforgettable performance!”
Greg Sparks, President and Cherie Myers, Director, Public and Government Affairs, Safeway, Inc., Seattle Division

“On behalf of all in SGAC, we extend our sincere thanks to you for contributing to the success of the SGAC Foundation’s Leaders’ Policy Conference. Your participation greatly enhanced the meeting program. The feedback we received both verbally and through the evaluation forms was excellent. Comments on your session:
‘Amazing!’ ‘Exciting, interesting, terrific & unusual way to kick off the meeting!’ ‘This was awesome.’ ‘That guy sketched me out! Way creepy!! But he was fun and entertaining.’ ‘It was a little spooky, but in a good way!’ ‘Loved this!’ ‘Excellent and entertaining opening session!’ ‘Fun! Great way to open the conference.’ ‘One of the best presentations I have ever seen.’ ‘This was one of the most enjoyable opening sessions I have ever attended. A lot of fun and got everyone comfortable before tackling larger issues.’ ‘Craig was fabulous! His 90 minutes flew by - I would have watched him for another 90! Great job on speaker choice. I want to see and hear from him again!’ ‘This opening will be hard to top in future LPC sessions.’ ‘Excellent!’ ‘Craig was especially entertaining - I enjoyed his message as well.’
Beth Loudy, Executive Director, State Government Affairs Council Foundation

“Thank you so much for making our recent corporate sales awards event a smashing success. Our associates are still talking about your amazing performance! You exceeded the expectations of our attendees by leaps and bounds. Our group of 260 associates was completely entertained and amazed by your performance. You were funny, had great timing, delivered a fast-paced performance and left everyone wanting more. You are a true professional. We couldn’t be happier with the success of our event. Here’s just one of the many e-mails I received from an attendee... ‘Guest speaker Craig Karges wowed me. He was awesome...the BEST!’ You made it easy for me and my team to look good.”
Deanna DeVooght, Sales Planning & Promotion Manager, J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

“I am sure the word amazing has been overused as it relates to your performance. But it is amazingly true. Your presentation to our folks exceeded our expectations by far. I watched carefully as the HMC members were increasingly ‘wrapped up’ in the message that was delivered by your presentation ‘wrapped’ in a way that none of us had ever seen before. Such a unique approach to providing the message that ‘anything is possible’ was enjoyed and more importantly appreciated by all in attendance. Many thanks for working us into what is quite obviously a very busy schedule.”
Dick Wright, Managing Director, Hardware Marketing Council

“Your phenomenal talents as well as your incredible ability to engage the audience were amazing! Everyone in the room was in awe of the power of your intuition and your extraordinary gifts! I am positive that people walked away completely mystified. You are an extraordinary entertainer! The enthusiasm that you exude while performing is remarkable! If ever presented with the opportunity to suggest a speaker to other businesses or special events, I would highly recommend you for the job."
Beth Kitchen, VP of Domestic Franchising, GNC

“A grand Thank You for your help. The folks were still talking about your show on Friday as we were departing. I only have one issue, the guy in charge asked how in the world am I planning to top that (you) for next year, I said maybe Ringling Brothers Circus?”
Jim Buch, President, AK Energy Management, LLC

“You probably already know the wonderful things I have to say about your presentation at FFAA’s 80th Annual Meeting! Your demonstrations of the power of intuition, coupled with extraordinary showmanship and seemingly impossible feats of magic, mesmerized FFAA members and guests. Thank you for a most enjoyable, mind-expanding hour of first-class clean entertainment! You were a true pleasure to work with, professional in every regard, and I hope it will be my good fortune to see you perform again in the future.”
Mary Hartney, President, Florida Fertilizer and Agrichemical Association

“This was the first year that we provided entertainment beyond a traditional dinner speaker. Our intention was to generate a buzz around the event that would have people talking about the Chamber throughout the year. On that score we succeeded wildly. People walked out of the room talking about what they had seen and with no idea of how to start to explain it. A week later people are still talking. You were successful in engaging the crowd and bringing them together and then tied everything up nicely with your message of using the power of your imagination to effect change. Everyone who was there last week enjoyed themselves and got a sense of a new direction from the Chamber. The part you played in that was more than the extraordinary stage show you presented.”
Frank Horrigan, President, Monroeville Area Chamber

“Craig Karges was a highlight of our conference, and one of the most talked-about entertainers we’ve ever hired. From the moment he stepped onstage he commanded the audience’s attention, and it’s safe to say that every single person in the room was amazed by his performance. I would not hesitate to recommend Craig for any kind of event, and would definitely work with him again.”
Francois Fournier, Director Trade Shows & Events, ACORD

“I just wanted to let you know that your ‘show’ on Thursday night for the Maryland Association of Tobacco and Candy Distributors dinner party was exceptional, and without a doubt the most entertaining and inspirational 60 minutes I believe I’ve experienced. Yesterday I had several meetings and throughout the day your message in closing rang out... ‘We’re only limited by our imagination.’”
Chris Bitzel, Operations Manager, The George J. Falter Company

“I want to applaud you for your outstanding stage presence at our Summit. I loved the gasps and laughs that you brought out of our group and the conversation of ‘how did he know that’ from everyone trying to solve the mystery; outstanding, fun and a great way to energize our audience. I would personally recommend you to another senior executive audience and hope to hire you for a future SIG Summit.”
Dawn Tiura Evans, President & CEO, Sourcing Interests Group

“Thank you for a flawless presentation of ‘Ignite Your Intuition.’ It was important for our organization to provide motivation as well as entertainment and your presentation exceeded our expectations. You were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend you to any organization that is looking for a thoroughly entertaining, worry-free, and engaging speaker.”
Cheryl Lunsford, Administrative Assistant, Schools Insurance Program for Employees

“Craig’s performance appealed to all convention attendees; franchisees, Cottman Corporate headquarters staff members and vendors alike. His extraordinary talent of using illusion, psychology and intuition to produce amazing acts was unquestionably remarkable and helped capture and retain the attention of our franchisees from start to finish. His performance even helped to tremendously improve the moods of tired attendees who had been in meetings all day. Everyone who witnessed Craig’s performance continues to rave about his abilities. I would highly recommend Craig Karges for any event that would require professional, entertaining, show-stopping and memorable aspects. You will truly not be disappointed.”
Randall L. Wright, President, Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care

“Amazing and very entertaining! Craig you engaged the management team from the very beginning, kept them guessing and had them laughing. Your program was ideal for our group and the execution was professional, appropriate and fun! Working with you was a pleasure from being easily accessible, very accommodating to ultimately being incredibly professional in all interactions. We also appreciate you taking the time to understand our business and our group to support our annual theme.”
Diane Morrison, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Ryland Homes

“To say that the crowd was entertained, amazed, awestruck, and IMPRESSED with the performance would be an understatement! I think the pre work and the fact that you came and sat through some of their meeting during the day, really gave you an edge on the dynamics of the group. We have received nothing but glowing reviews and fantastic feedback since that night.”
Lisa M. Richards, Account Executive, The Wella Corporation - the Salon Professional Division of Procter and Gamble

“Our Celebration of Success was made even more exciting and memorable this year thanks to your incredible performance! Everyone was amazed by what you were able to do. They are still talking about it a month later. You certainly have left a lasting impression and challenged us to recognize the potential of our mind. Many thanks for coming to our awards program and for making it a day we will all long remember.”
Pamela D. Sibcy, Vice President for Marketing, Sibcy Cline Realtors

“Thanks again for the incredible session in Orlando. You really WOWed our audience!”
Valeria Foley, Manager, Strategic Brand Management & Communications, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

“Craig has such an approachable personality, not only on-stage but with every person he spoke with after his performance - it was magnetic! He takes an interest in understanding his audience, draws them in, and absolutely astounds the crowd for the entire performance.”
Lisa Hall, OTEC Administrator, Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference

“Thank you for your entertaining and intriguing presentation. The conference attendees enjoyed your session and felt your presentation was amazing! The education program was a huge success and we thank you for your time, energy and expertise.” Some attendee comments: “He was freaky amazing!” “Great session.” “The things he could do were fascinating. It left a lot of us shaking our heads!” “Great way to end the convention.” “Great ending to the conference. I don't know how he did what he did but it was amazing.” “Craig is a great speaker and the session was entertaining.” “Amazing. Content and humor.” “Craig did an excellent job. Please have him back.”
Linnet Baskett, Meetings & Events Manager, Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals

“HE WAS FABULOUS!!!! Our guests RAVED about him!!! They said he was the best entertainment we’ve ever had! We're already talking about having him back. I don't know how we’ll ever top him next year!”
Carol Beckett, Financial Analyst, Forsyth Medical Center Foundation

“I first saw Craig perform a decade ago. At that event I thought he had planted people throughout the audience, tricks and ropes and hidden things... it was just too mind blowing to understand. What’s amazing is that it's all real, all genius, all you could want in a WOW from your entertainment. On top of that he can also Keynote - yes, imagine how fun that one is! He is professional, clean, a gentleman, and amazing. I’ve seen others try to do things similar to what Craig does but I've never seen anyone do what he is capable of, and make it look so suave and cool at the same time. There’s a reason clients bring him back over and over again. Standing ovation guaranteed act that will mess with everyone's mind - in a good way!”
Jason Hewlett, JHewlett Events

“YOU WERE FABULOUS! I can honestly say this has been the BEST Graphics Night ever! I have received nothing but wonderful comments about your participation. Thank you, again, and I hope to have the opportunity to invite you back in the near future.”
Ara Izquierdo, Executive FP/COO, Printing Industries Association of Southern California

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for what can only be categorized as an outstanding presentation to our sales and marketing teams last week. You had the room’s attention out of the gate, and held it for the entire time you were on stage. It was, simply put, the perfect way to cap off two days of intensive training. I am particularly thankful for how deftly you included just the right amount of custom information at the end of the presentation to reinforce the key messages of our training. In all of our communication, and from the moment you walked through the door, you were a consummate professional, and I can’t overstate how much I appreciate that. I’ve been inundated with positive feedback for booking you.”
Norman Benford, Senior BMG Copywriter, Brother International Corporation

“It was wonderful - we received so much positive feedback on your keynote. It is not always easy to impress a room of almost 200 attorneys, but they were engaged, amazed and talking about your program for the next two days. In our returned surveys, we heard more positive feedback. One member wrote that your program was ‘inspirational and entertaining!’ That's what we were hoping for, and that is what you delivered. Another commented, ‘He was great - made you feel as though you could push yourself to do more.’ Thank you for doing such a great job.”
Carrie J. Booher, Executive Director, Association of Corporate Counsel, Wisconsin Chapter

“Spectacular! Wow! We can’t say enough. Your presentation was stellar, and left the entire group of Golden West speechless. This is the first time in the 5 years I have been here that staff actually sat through the entire entertainment without getting up and leaving, going to the bar on and off, or having side talk with other people. They were mesmerized. Staff talked about it all the next week and are still talking about it.”
Melanie Weber, Human Resources Manager, Golden West Telecommunications

“We cannot thank you enough for your presence at the Stoli Summit. Your ‘piece’ truly made our time in Cancun unforgettable. The feedback we received from attendees was mind blowing!”
Jacqueline Anderson, Momentum for Stoli Vodka

“Thank you for your captivating presentation at the APA’s 32nd Annual Congress! You were vastly entertaining with your fascinating presentation of ‘Experience the Extraordinary.’ Our members were unanimously wowed by your presentation and raved about you in our congress evaluations. You captivated and kept the audience’s attention through the session. Stellar performance Craig! You are as excellent of a speaker as you are an entertainer. It was our privilege to have you with us!”
Dan Maddux, Executive Director, American Payroll Association

“Thanks for doing such an incredible job at our client event. My colleagues and clients raved about your performance. YOU ROCK!!!”
Lara O’Loan, Manager, Corporate Events and Tradeshows, Connolly

“He was fantastic. He killed it. The audience loved him and he surprised us at every corner. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!”
Becky Beatty, Manager of Events, Paparazzi Accessories

“Craig, you were awesome, incredible, amazing! Our group thoroughly enjoyed you. We can’t even begin to understand how you did what you did but we love you!”
Christine Blidy, Secretary, Healthcare Financial Management Association

“All of the guests were thoroughly amazed, including the key executives from our customer companies and industry partners along with their spouses and guests. You were entertaining and engaging from start to end, leaving all of us saying ‘Wow, that was amazing.’ Thank you for a very fun and memorable evening!”
Ryan Palazzo, Vice President, U.S. Pipeline

“We’re still getting rave reviews from your presentation! Huge hit! Thanks again for everything.”
Dawn Martin, Director of Communications and Client Relations, RubinBrown LLP

“This is the eighth time we’ve had you come and speak to our group and every single time people are blown away by your message. Your message is right on point, in my opinion it is perfect for any audience. It’s half entertainment and half inspirational message about what the mind can achieve. So if you’re thinking about bringing Craig in, you’d be crazy not to. He’s the best that I’ve ever seen on both TV and in person from a mentalist standpoint. But from a message standpoint, it’s even better. People leave entertained, inspired and wanting to just go out there and achieve more in life.”
Than Merrill, Founder & CEO, FortuneBuilders

“Thank you for the fantastic performance. The feedback I’m getting from attendees has been overwhelmingly wonderful! I have already had people asking how they can contact you for future shows and I highly recommend you!!! Again, thank you for a great show! I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.”
Michelle Terrell, Executive Assistant, White Oak Management, Inc.

“It was a pleasure having you as the opening act for NASTT’s No-Dig Show! We received many compliments about your performance from the attendees. The combination of your connection with the audience and your craft of combining intuition and psychology resulted in a winning recipe. You kept the audience on their toes and fully engaged. Your tone set the perfect stage for kicking-off the most successful No-Dig Show to date. You have such a good rapport with the audience. Very genuine. Not over-the-top. Great message wrap up tying your performance back to our group.”
Jeni Leist, Marketing and Event Planning Specialist, North American Society for Trenchless Technology

“Thank you for joining us at the TWW Business Conference in New Orleans and overwhelming our dealers with your show. TWW customers are still talking about your performance two weeks later! Your performance was engaging and had everyone on the edge of their seats. I had many customers reach out thanking me for hiring such great talent! Thanks again for a great performance!”
Alan Starc, Director, Tire Wholesale Warehouse, Bridgestone Americas

“I thought you were great, engaging and entertaining. You challenged people’s minds and got them thinking outside their comfort zones. Your presentation was a perfect start to our business session and helped set the energy level high and the stage for an interactive day of meetings. Thanks for being a key part of our meeting. It was certainly an event to be remembered. Looking forward to working with you at future events.”
Christ H. Economos, Global Tax Leader, Entertainment and Media Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. They were all talking about it the rest of the conference. Most importantly it connected the audience of our new company and that was exactly what our leadership wanted.”
Diane Morrison, National Vice President of Marketing, CalAtlantic Group

"It was our pleasure to have Craig Karges entertain our Rental Partners for Thunder Over Louisville. We found his show both amazing and mind blowing. Every one of our reps was blown away with his show and had nothing but positive statements about Craig and his performance. One of the best things about working with Craig was his prompt response to my questions before we secured his services. Even after signing a contract, we had frequent communication during the week leading up to his show, and his continued responsiveness alleviated some of the stress that comes with planning such a large event. Craig presents himself in an extremely friendly, approachable manner – both on the stage and off. There were almost as many stories about our clients’ interactions with Craig after the performance as there were about the performance itself. Having him there was one of the highlights of our weekend; not only am I grateful for his services, but I would hire him again in an instant for another corporate or social function. You will not regret choosing to hire Craig’s services, and I am certain that everyone will be talking about it for years afterward.”
Chris E. Jones, National Account Representative, WARE

“Craig Karges thoroughly wowed, amazed and perplexed the entire audience at our annual summer membership meeting! Not only does Mr. Karges put on a fabulous show, you can tell he genuinely loves what he does and that passion is contagious to the audience members. The predicament Mr. Karges’ show has left us in leaves us to beg the question, ‘How do we top this for next year’s event?!’”
Ed Christian, Executive Director, Dakotas Chapter National Electrical Contractors Association

“I wanted to thank you for another as-usual outstanding program. Your program knocked it out of the ballpark! They were still talking about you Saturday night at the Awards Banquet – and this can be a very tough crowd to please. It was an excellent kick off to the first day and I really think people took away some solid tips on improving their cognition, as well as being wowed and amazed. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.”
Brian Lagana, Executive Director, American Trucking Associations

“Craig’s presentation for the event was AWESOME. The attendees were in awe and had a wonderful and memorable experience. With Craig’s help we created a ‘wow’ for them. His performance is still the talk around the office.”
Kara Leodler, Manager, Conference & Travel, Kansas City Life Insurance Company

“Craig Karges dazzled and astounded our audience with an unforgettable kickoff meeting for the academic year. Audience participation kept everyone intrigued the entire time. He combined the entertainment with take home techniques on memory, decision making, and enhancing creativity. Mr. Karges is highly recommended for a one of a kind meeting. We certainly will be talking about this meeting for a while.”
Dr. Fred Sakamoto, Director, Central Ohio Dental Forum

“Our audience loved your presentation and I personally was amazed. Beyond that, I really appreciated how you spoke with me in advance and tied your message to the goals and challenges of our audience. Every moment of your presentation contributed to our overall conference being the special and memorable event we intended it to be! I would highly recommend your services to any event organizer who wants a speaker that can provide a session that is equal parts inspiring, fun and mind-blowing! Thank you for being such a fantastic individual to work with.”
Charles Dominick, President & Chief Procurement Officer, Next Level Purchasing Association

“We have heard very positive feedback about your performance! Thank you for making our Wednesday lunch a success! Below are just a few comments from our attendees:
‘Mr. Karges’ presentation was entertaining and engaging.’
‘That mentalism show was awesome!’
‘Much needed, fantastic entertainment halfway through the Exchange!’
‘Craig did a great job and I took some key takeaways from his presentation.’
From a planner’s perspective, I also greatly appreciate how easy you are to work with! You knocked it out of the park with your performance!”
Andi Davison, Event Technology Specialist, Emerson Process Management

“Craig Karges was our Keynote presenter and speaker at our corporate conference. Craig’s credentials made him a perfect fit for our event’s goal to spark the imagination of our attendees. His inherent passion for making others open their minds immediately resonated with our audience and his uncanny way of wrapping the event’s message into his presentation was key to our success. After holding their attention throughout the hour presentation, Craig received a standing ovation. I whole-heartily endorse Craig and recommend him as a conference presenter regardless of industry or profession; his message and entertainment value reaches a wide audience.”
Mary K. Williams, Marketing Communications Manager, DocuWare Corporation

“Craig Karges performed two shows for our annual employee holiday party.  His show was extremely fun, entertaining and mystifying.  Our mix of employees can sometimes be a tough group to please.  We had more compliments about his show than any other entertainment.  Craig was super professional and accommodating.  He made an instant connection with our employees and received a standing ovation at each show.  That has seldom happened before.  Never have we had an entertainer who captivated the group so thoroughly.  I would recommend Craig Karges for any group event.  Our employees had a fantastic time and really appreciated such inspirational and high quality entertainment.”
Natalie McGee, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, Hy-Vee, Inc.

“After having seen Craig perform for a large contractor’s convention I had to see if I could book him for my own company.  I was excited when we were able to get him scheduled knowing how much my wife and I were amazed at his performance and we were excited for our folks to have the same experience!  Even after seeing him perform before the amazement was no less and I especially enjoyed watching my employees and business acquaintances be awed and amazed beyond their comprehension!  I highly recommend Craig for any event as he will not disappoint your audience!  Those that see him perform will be talking for weeks afterward.  Thanks Craig for a wonderful and amazing time!”
Douglas W. Davis, President, DAVCON, Inc.

“The unique brand of entertainment you provided at lunch enthralled and mystified the audience.  We received many favorable comments regarding your performance and many of our attendees were still talking about the performance at the cocktail hour.  Your sense of timing, your ability to engage the audience and most importantly – your skills were on display and deeply appreciated by our group.  We would like to keep you in mind for future engagement opportunities as your schedule allows..”
Dr. Theresa S. Gonzales, Executive Director, American College of Dentists

“I wanted to thank you for making our Cox Business Kick-off the best one yet!  The whole process of booking the event with you and going through the logistics couldn’t have been easier.  And the pre-planning call made the presentation more personally targeted to our group and the company message.  In terms of your presentation, not only did you perform some amazing illusions but you made some other things disappear… namely my folks’ ability to speak!  They were speechless after your performance.  Here are a couple of quotes we received from the post event survey. ‘Okay.  I read his bio, but I’m still stumped as to how he did this.  Good message for everyone, too.’ ‘The best entertainer we have ever had and very interactive.’ You certainly made an impression with both our local team and our leaders from Atlanta.  Our folks are still talking about the kick-off and in large part it is due to you.  Thank you.”
Ross L. Nelson, Vice President, Cox Business – Northeast

“You had no problem keeping our audience of attendees fully engaged, participating, laughing and learning. We came to the event expecting the extraordinary and you definitely delivered. The feedback from our members and their offices has been pouring in and everyone had a great time. The program was a great balance of fun, amazement, and useful mental techniques that we can use in our every day decision making. We would highly recommend you.”
Drs. Leslie J. Paris DDS, MSD and Nick Shumaker, DDS, MS, Northern Colorado Periodontics, Directors, Mountain West Dental Forum

“Craig performed for our annual corporate event which had an audience of over 300 of our employees, vendors, and guests. We have had an overwhelming response from all the attendees. We found Craig Karges to be thoroughly entertaining, engaging, and a dazzling magician and mentalist. We are very pleased with our choice to have Craig as our star performer. SVS Vision would recommend Craig Karges as a top choice for any corporate event. The show was adored by everyone!”
Lisa Stann, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, SVS Vision

“On behalf of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan and the over 1200 attendees who watched and participated in your performance, I want to thank you for helping make the evening such a resounding success. You created the “wow” moments we were looking for. We are always concerned that since the program is long, that we will lose people during the entertainment portion of the evening. Not this year! In fact, so many people stayed that our attendance at the Afterglow was the highest it has ever been. We very much appreciated your willingness to participate in the dinner and to meet many of our guests at the VIP Reception and at the Dinner itself. While I know it is difficult to have to be ‘on’ for 5 hours, you were great. Thank you again for such a fantastic show!”
Dr. Chuck Seigerman, PhD, Brain Injury Association of Michigan Legacy Dinner, Co-chair

“I was personally blown away… audible gasps from the audience… mouths were wide open; lower jaws were on the ground; fantastic!”
Dr. Owen Perlman, PhD, Brain Injury Association of Michigan Legacy Dinner, Co-chair

“Craig — you killed it! Thank you for an outstanding close!”
Bonnie Godsman, Chief Executive Officer, GAMA International

“Craig was outstanding!! He lived up to everything promised! His show was incredible, and he is an absolute delight to work with! Craig will be hard to beat. I can’t begin to tell you how impressed everyone was. It far exceeded our expectations… truly amazed folks… the talk of the office.”
Richard Kahn, Senior Vice President of Sales, Diamond Crystal Brands

“Ticket sales were brisk and we sold out both performances! Comments and feedback from our staff, committee, guests and Board of Directors have consistently been positive. ‘Wow! A night to remember. Most fun I’ve had at a fundraiser in years! I hope you bring him back!’ ‘Not only is he a very skilled illusionist, he has a great sense of humor and his personality related so well to our audience.’ ‘We were in awe and kept asking ourselves, did that actually just happen?’ ‘What an inspirational guy! I loved his passion for what Youth & Family Services does!’ Astonishing, phenomenal, riveting, and mesmerizing were just a few of the other adjectives audience members used to describe Craig’s performance. We consider this one of our very best events ever. People are already asking about next year’s event because they had such a great time. Our staff frequently talk to children about dreaming big and overcoming obstacles that may interfere with accomplishing their goals. We encourage them to imagine the possibilities their futures might hold. Craig’s performance could not have fit better with this philosophy. It challenged our minds and left all of us thinking that nothing is impossible.”
Susan Fedell, Chief Executive Officer, Youth & Family Services of Rapid City, SD

“Across the board, to a person, we loved your performance… incredible and wonderful entertainment. More important, you were a great fit for our team and culture. Your kick off got the ball rolling for what is already being called the best Circle of Excellence ever.”
Tom Whitaker, Senior Vice President, Shentel Telecommunications

“Your presentation was exciting and inspired attendees to test the limits of their imaginations. Your blend of talent, motivational message, and humor engaged and enlightened. It was a wonderful way to wrap up the conference.”
Jamie L. Puhl, President, Minnesota Grocers Association

“Our organization hired Craig Karges to close out our annual franchise convention in Las Vegas. Craig was really easy to work with and flexible in delivering a tailored message to our group while providing all of his usual show highlights. This was the 3rd time I’ve had the privilege of seeing his performance and it blows my mind every time. After a long week of meetings, speakers, and presentations, Craig’s unique mix of entertainment and motivation was just what the doctor ordered for our network of franchisees. We had attendees from 19 years old to their late 60s and EVERYONE had a great time. Many in our crowd had spent their nights seeing Vegas-style shows like Penn & Teller, Cirque du Soleil, Cher, Gwen Stefani, Barry Manilow, etc. and mentioned that they had more fun at Craig’s show than they had at some of these other events. Whether you’re looking for a corporate event like we had or a purely entertainment-based performance (as I had seen him the previous 2 times), you can’t go wrong with Craig Karges. If anyone sees his show and wasn’t blown away, check their pulse.”
Chad Carter, Director of Franchise Operations, Lendio Franchising

“You truly WOWED our group and we are still talking about your skill and performance. Your performance had an impact on each generation of our employee family and quite honestly, that is a challenge but you did it! Craig, your skill and ability to hold us in the palm of your hand is truly a feat! I must thank you for wrapping up your performance by speaking to us about igniting the possibilities for our future and using our own gifts to strengthen our core values within our organization. Spot on, friend, spot on! Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills and great sense of humor with us! Any organization will be pleased to have you join them for an event!”
Laurie Quinn, Director of Human Resources, Campbell Oil & BellStores

“Our ISF Gala was a smashing success in every way and Craig Karges’ performance was the perfect entertainment highlight of the evening. Craig did an outstanding job for us in three critical ways. First, his performance was truly mind-blowing! Our guests were ‘wow-ed’ and amazed by Craig’s extraordinary act, which made the event truly memorable. Second, Craig interacted with our audience so naturally, so smoothly, so humorously. The energy in the room was contagious. Our donors were engaged and entertained throughout the performance. Thirdly, Craig did a great job in connecting with our charity’s mission and theme for the Gala. This wasn’t just an ‘add-on’ to fill out the program. Craig’s performance supported our ‘Limitless’ theme and reinforced the good work that ISF does on behalf of aged-out foster care youth.  We are grateful for Craig’s contribution to our Gala’s success. He has earned our highest endorsement.”
Blair A. Ritchey, D.Min., Executive Director, International Student Foundation

“Our school recently hired Mr. Craig Karges for our donor appreciation dinner and were very pleased with his performance.  It was something completely new to our school patrons, but they jumped to their feet in a standing ovation as Craig finished.  His performance was stimulating to the mind and allowed audience participation.  It felt really good to laugh together, especially with the current stresses of the global pandemic.  Craig did a masterful job of tying in our message of gratitude for our patrons and the ‘magic’ that they provide to our students in need.  He obviously did his research to understand our culture and mission.  We would love to have him come back again and gladly give our gratitude and hearty recommendation.”
Shannon Brown, Development Committee Chair, American Heritage School

“Thank you for an excellent performance.  CharterWest has a great team of employees, and as the owner of the bank, I am always trying to find ways to show my appreciation.  Our company parties allow me to do just that by constantly looking for something better than the previous years’ parties.  We just turned 35 years old, and it becomes more challenging every year to exceed their expectations.  We have had entertainment of all types — musicians, theatrical performances, magicians, ventriloquists, the whole gamut.  Your show was the icing on the cake.  I had numerous people thank me and tell me that you were our best entertainer yet.  Please feel free to use me as a reference in your future endeavors.  I would be happy to give you a strong recommendation for anyone looking for a fascinating and entertaining performance.  Thanks again for the great show.”
Steve Paus, Chairman of the Board, CharterWest Bank

"I thought you’d like to see this stellar rating in our event survey: 95% of those who responded said you were extremely or very engaging, and I agree! A number of people found common ground in trying (and failing!) to figure out how you performed your illusions… which made for great conversations during the breaks and at our Monday evening event. People responded to your keynote with a sense of wonder, realizing there is more to learn, and this set them up to be receptive during the rest of the conference. That’s exactly what I had hoped for, and you delivered. Thank you again! I would not hesitate to recommend you as a speaker for other groups.”
Cindy Lieberman, Marketing Director, FOG Software Group

“Thank you for providing the evening entertainment at the 93rd Annual MFA Oil Delegate Meeting. Our delegates enjoyed your combination of psychology and intuition to create a magical experience for all in attendance. Your performance engaged our audience and had many talking about it the next day. You wowed our group and left everyone’s minds guessing how you were able to perform your amazing feats. We appreciate the way you worked the crowd, weaved humor into your act and provided a fantastic night of high-quality entertainment. Additionally, I want to commend you for your communication, timeliness and being so easy to work with. You did an outstanding job for us, and we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone seeking a dynamic speaker or performer.”
Ashley Bower, Senior Manager of Marketing Services, MFA Oil

“FIVE STARS! Craig was humorous, entertaining and involved. He is the perfect presenter to entertain for an evening of laughs, wow and wonder! Our group is still talking about him!”
Lori Pucket, Communications Specialist, Saginaw Township Community Schools

“During Craig’s 60-minute presentation he connected with the crowd and held their attention as he went from one seemingly improbable situation to the next. During the presentation Craig engaged with members of the audience in a good-natured manner and kept people laughing and interested. He is a skilled showman! Our group was wowed by Craig’s mental gymnastics and entertaining presentation. Interesting, amazing, wholesome, funny and well worth the fee.”
Scott W. Miller, Vice President of Sales, Indiana Farmers Insurance

“All Star Purchasing has an annual convention, and Craig Karges was our Awards Dinner Entertainment at the 64th annual event. In the history of the All Star Purchasing Association, we have never had a previous act perform twice at our Awards Dinner, except for Craig Karges. He is that good! His performance was as good and possibly better than the first time we saw him. Thanks again, Craig, for a very entertaining and remarkable experience!”
Bruce Daily, CEO, All Star Purchasing Association

“In all my years (over 20) of planning and attending our fall regional meetings I have never heard so much buzz following our entertainment. Not only after dinner that night, but all the next morning our participants were talking about ‘how did he do that?’ or ‘how could he know that?’ With our first in-person meeting in almost two years you were the perfect way for them to be entertained, intrigued and fascinated, with tons of audience participation. Thanks so much for being the highlight of the meeting.”
Kevin Schlutz, Secretary, The Association of Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisees

“Yours was the highest rated (and most talked about) session of the conference. Thank you and CONGRATS! Comments were: ‘Fantastic! Best session ever.; Amazing!!; One of the most interesting presentations I’ve attended!; Wow!; Awesome!; Truly amazing! One of the top presentations.; Super fun session! I loved the opportunity to laugh, to be amazed and to get out of my head and think differently about intuition.; Amazing presenter. Inspiring and engaging. Thank you!!!; Excellent! Bring him back!; Fabulous!!! Please bring him back again and again.; Fantastic. Would love more entertainment/educational blend like this.’ It was great to meet you and watch you in action. It was a fantastic experience.
Dale E. Shreve, President and CEO, MHCA – Mental Health Corporations of America, Inc.

“He is professional, very funny and friendly, his show is mind-blowing and our team absolutely loved him."
Toni Saverino, Executive Assistant to the CEO, QGenda

“I am writing this letter of reference to express my highest regard for Craig Karges, our recent keynote speaker. Craig’s skillful and captivating presentation was a highlight of our event. Engaging… thought-provoking… amazing… captivating… entertaining… motivational… knowledgeable… friendly… accommodating and a pleasure to work with. Craig was an excellent keynote speaker, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and engaging speaker. His enthusiasm and expertise truly made the event a success.”
Brian Mee, CEO / Executive Director, Arizona Association of School Business Officials

“A unique and entertaining experience… Craig thrilled the audience with his message and performance, delivering exactly what we hoped to accomplish, something memorable! We were impressed with Craig’s performance and I would highly recommend him to others!”
Josh Schmieg, Executive Director, Dairy Queen Operators Association and Cooperative

“Excellent performance! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. As you may recall, the Independent Furniture Galleries Conference was a gathering of owners and dealers from around North America. It was important to us that this event be a memorable one. It is safe to say that you nailed it! We always ask attendees to respond to a feedback survey following large events. I am happy to report that your performance received a perfect score! That is a rare occurrence and a testament to your talents. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. We wholeheartedly recommend you, your team and your services. Still wondering how you do it!”
Angela Goble, Senior Executive Assistant & the La-Z-Boy IFG Conference Planning Committee

“Craig Karges is a FORCE OF NATURE!! I had a pretty good idea that he would entertain and enthrall our group but my experience with Craig went far beyond that expectation. He was a consummate professional during our preparation for his event by gathering lots of information about our group including the types of people we had and what their most important needs were from a business standpoint. He then customized his presentation to create a show that was part Pure Entertainment and part Mind Expanding to allow the audience to grow and learn from his extensive knowledge of the incredible Power of the Human Mind. What can I say – Craig Knocked Our Socks Off – and we’d have him back in a heartbeat!!!”
Jeff Elgin, CEO, FranChoice

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